New Episode: How AI Can Help Preserve Indigenous Knowledge

Oct 23 2020

For many indigenous communities, passing down knowledge to the next generation is critical to cultural survival. The preservation of these cultures have traditionally been done through the study and documentation of languages, traditions and rituals. 

In today’s episode of the Future Positive podcast, we’ll start by hearing from Burr Settles, Head of Research and AI at Duolingo, and go into a discussion between Davar Ardalan, founder of IVOW AI; conversational AI writer Chamisa Edmo; Alva Lim, cofounder and director at Agora Food Studio; AI researcher Victor Yarlott, and Tracy Monteith, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft who spent 20 years putting the Cherokee language in Microsoft Word. Our guests dive into the role AI can play in helping ensure that our collective knowledge, histories and cultures will be around for generations to come.

SEASON 03, EPISODE 03 -Burr Settles, Davar Ardalan, Chamisa Edmo, Alva Lim and Victor Yarlott

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