Feeding The Next Billion

Sponsored by The Tony Robbins Foundation & FFAR

The Feeding the Next Billion prize, sponsored by the Tony Robbins Foundation & the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR), is focused on finding ways to ensure that most people on our planet get access to healthy, nutritious food without making the planet uninhabitable.

The two finalist teams outlined below will engage in a head-to-head competition at the Visioneering Summit to determine which idea will move forward to be launched as an XPRIZE.

Finalist Teams

Soilless Challenge

This 3-year prize awards $10 million to the first team to make a full nutritious, healthy diet for 100 people for 100 days in 1 closed soilless system. In the system, 100% of the energy must be renewable, and 90% of phosphorus, water and nitrogen must be recycled. The team aims to make laboratory technology produced food affordable and available to anyone.

See No Weevil

A $15 million competition where the winning team will develop the early warning system that gives the longest lead time to farmers that can diagnose and warn of the most destructive pests and diseases with at least 85% accuracy.