Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty

Sponsored by Gagan Gupta

The Lifting Farmers Out of Poverty prize, sponsored by Gagan Gupta, is focused on exponentially increasing the income for millions of farmers living on less than $2 dollars a day.

The two finalist teams outlined below will engage in a head-to-head competition at the Visioneering Summit to determine which idea will move forward to be launched as an XPRIZE.

Finalist Teams

Team Kulka

A $10 million competition where the winning team will build the most cost-effective device that harvests water from food at a rate of 500 kilograms of water per day with a storage capacity of 10,000 liters of water, using 100% off-grid energy, and costing less than $1,500 to purchase.

Power to the Farmers

A $20 million competition where the winning team will be the first team who can build an autonomous hybrid drone that can pick up 500 kilograms of produce from farmers and deliver this produce to buyers within a 100 kilometer radius (7X greater than best in class today) within one hour (2X faster than current best in class speed). It must complete 10 successive missions within 2 weeks. The winning team will also have to develop an Uber-like application to accompany this technology, for price bidding of products, ordering, payment and tracking, both at the lowest cost possible. In addition, there will be a $1 million Community XPRIZE to the first community that can implement this solution for 5,000 small share farmers.