Natural Disaster Prediction

Sponsored by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited

The Natural Disaster Prediction prize, sponsored by Fairfax Financial, aims to save lives and prevent economic losses through better mechanisms to predict and prevent the impact of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

The two finalist teams outlined below will engage in a head-to-head competition at the Visioneering Summit to determine which idea will move forward to be launched as an XPRIZE.

Finalist Teams

Gaia Alert

A 4-year, $10 million XPRIZE that challenges the human race’s limiting belief that earthquakes cannot be predicted. The winning team will be the first to predict ten consecutive earthquakes with 6 and above magnitude with at least an hour lead time.

Ride the Eye

A 4-year, $5 million competition, where the competing teams will develop an unmanned system which can continuously provide sustained wind speed data, measured at the eyewall of a Category 3 hurricane, at a height of 10 meters from the surface, for 5 days, with an accuracy of at least 90%. The overall cost of the system must not exceed $250,000 and the team that meets all these criteria while performing best above baseline wins.