Saving Coral Reefs

Sponsored by XPRIZE Ocean Initiative

The Saving Coral Reefs prize design is spon​sored by the XPRIZE Ocean Initiative, which is made possible by generous contributions by Wendy Schmidt. This prize is seeking urgently needed, scalable innovations to protect and restore coral reefs. After this won best prize concept at Visioneering, XPRIZE is now seeking sponsors to launch the prize in 2019.

The two finalist teams outlined below engaged in a head-to-head competition at the Visioneering Summit. The teams have merged their concepts, and XPRIZE and partners are refining the prize design by engaging experts and moving forward toward a launch in the near future.

Finalist Teams

Coral Restoration

A $10 million competition where the winning team will be the first that plants repeatedly plants 1,400 coral equivalents daily in a 1-week period, translating to planting 500,000 coral equivalents per year.

Coral Survival

An $8 million competition where the winning team will demonstrate the highest number of surviving young coral across 1 square kilometer after a 2-year field trial.