Visioneers Evaluation Criteria


During the Visioneers Summit, teams will share their XPRIZE Impact Design Proposals with more than 200 of the world’s leading innovators, disruptors, inventors, and business leaders - who will evaluate and critique each team’s proposal.


Purpose & Vision

Does it align to Roddenberry’s Worldview? Does it support XPRIZE’s MTP to create a “bridge to abundance for all”?


Strategy & Mission

Is the market failure clearly defined? Will successes and failures stretch the bounds of art, science or engineering? Will the results spark a new industry?


Designed to Succeed

Is the impetus clear? Does it target the optimal incentive factors? Is the solution clear and objectively measurable?


Global Impact, Reach & Scale

Will it result in mass activation of the crowd? Is it scalable?


General Assessment

Does it have X-APPEAL? Is it ready to launch?

Collectively, this community will ultimately determine which concept(s) will be selected as the next global XPRIZE competition.