Instantly be in multiple places at once, literally

At its core, transportation is about improving the health and quality of life for people. Our current worldwide transport network becomes less and less able to support the demands of an increasingly interconnected society, limiting the spreading of knowledge, skills and workforce at a global scale. The Avatar Visioneers Team is focused on creating "limitless travel" by teleporting one's consciousness into a physical Avatar body that will enable people to "instantly be in multiple places at once, literally."

“The human resources needed to solve many of the world’s problems are already abundant. It’s getting them where they are needed, when they are needed that is the real problem. Avatars erase this barrier by enabling humans to take any form and perform any function, instantly.”



Although physical distance is a catalyst for diversity and human versatility, it is also a barrier preventing stress-free, uninhibited collaboration, cultural exchange, shared experiences, and democratic utilization of global resources.

We prize a world where everyone is seamlessly connected and available to one another in which ideas, cultures, and things - both abundant and rare - are perceived as local resources that are globally shared and democratically allocated. This is the new world in which all seven billion people can finally unlock their potential and make their talents available to solve massive challenges as citizens of one global federation.

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ANA is Japan’s largest airline, and winner of multiple airline industry customer satisfaction awards. “Offering dreams and experiences to people around the world” is one of ANA’s most powerful corporate mission statements. As ANA expands its global reach, literally connecting billions more people around the world, the employees and management of ANA are excited to pursue innovation and exploration that provides humanity a wider view of the world.

Ioan Istrate

Ioan Istrate
Prize Developer

Ioan envisions a world which utilizes humanity’s resources to their fullest An Avatar system has the potential to bridge the gaps he observed in both his professional and personal experiences. In the past years, Ioan provided strategic advisory to top organizations across the world as a consultant, and worked on developing innovation for a leading global telecom group. On the personal side, his upbringing in Romania showed him firsthand the human potential waiting to be leveraged to the benefit of all the world.

MBA, UCLA Anderson School of Management
MA, BSc., Bucharest University of Economics

Ioan Istrate

MacKenzie Ward
Prize Developer

MacKenzie’s experience with Life Science and Technology Venture Capital unleashed her passion for proactive healthcare technology solutions made available to all. Her first start up, Owlpal, seeks to use a smart phone to predict asthma attacks in children as they are sleeping. MacKenzie believes that a world embedded with empathic, proactive, and seamless technologies that exist to solve society’s most threatening problems, is not only a moonshot goal, but completely possible with the XPRIZE platform.

Business Management, University of Tulsa
Technology Entrepreneurship, Stanford Summer Session

Brandon Alvis
Film Editor

Heather Eaton

Akira Fukabori
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Kevin Kajitani
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Seth Rowanwood
Graphic Designer

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Jun Suto
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