The Roddenberry Worldview

GENE RODDENBERRY was a humanist. His humanist philosophy is artfully reflected in the Star Trek universe he created, and it is the basis of the Roddenberry Worldview.

Gene conceived of a universe in which we move past our petty differences to actively and consciously shape our collective political, cultural, social and economic future. The Roddenberry Worldview posits that only when we combine scientific discovery and rational analysis with the intimately human experience - emotion, ethics, artistic pursuits and creativity – are we able to come up with the unique solutions to our grand challenges that are more relevant, sustainable and democratized.


In celebration of the 50 years of impact on the world that Star Trek has had, the XPRIZE Visioneers 2016 Summit seeks to define the next 50 years of innovation and progress for the benefit of all.

XPRIZE has designed and created the Visioneers Summit program. Every year when we design this program, we search for like-minded organizations, entities, and individuals that would like to sponsor the program with financial support for the competing teams of Bold Innovators.

In addition to being one of the nine sponsors of the nine teams in 2016, The Roddenberry Foundation has also contributed to be a “Presenting Sponsor." For the Team sponsorship, The Roddenberry Foundation has graciously agreed to support a previously conceived concept initiated by the XPRIZE Foundation, exploring “Experiential Empathy." For the “Presenting Sponsor” role, XPRIZE selected Gene Roddenberry for his “Worldview," as it aligns very much with XPRIZE’s mission. Every year, for the Visioneers Summit, XPRIZE will seek out “Presenting Sponsors” who have leaders and culture that represent the similar values and mission of the XPRIZE Foundation. We thank The Roddenberry Foundation for their support at this year’s Visioneers Summit, as well as the other eight key team sponsors.