Ending Deadly Wildfires

What if technology could detect deadly fires precisely where and when they start and extinguish them in minutes?

XPRIZE Wildfire is a five-year competition that will recruit interdisciplinary teams of innovators from around the world to develop and scale integrated systems that can autonomously detect and assess potentially catastrophic wildfires immediately upon onset to suppress locally and warn globally.

This prize has two key tracks on local and large-scale fire detection. We need both tracks for this prize to have the most successful outcomes for wildfire detection.

  • Rapid detection and Suppression (Rapid Firefighting Response): The local fire identification track will award a multi-million (US) dollar cash prize to develop integrated systems that can autonomously detect, assess, and suppress potentially catastrophic wildfires quickly within a defined 1,000km2 area in under 10 minutes from ignition.
  • Global Detection and Warning (Space-Based Wildfire Detection & Monitoring for Global Use): The large-scale fire detection track will award a multi-million (US) dollar cash prize and the opportunity to have their sensor and algorithm systems integrated into a satellite for global fire detection. Although hotspot detection capability exists, it does not show enough detail or frequency of the suspected fire and often provides false alarms – errors that the winning technology from this track will have resolved.

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EVERY YEAR, wildfires cause a massive global economic burden, destroy homes and habitats, and result in devastating injuries and loss of life.

$350B In annual economic losses in the U.S. alone
340K People die every year from exposure to wildfires
20 Of the biggest Mega Fires occured since 2000, fifteen of which were in California
5X The size of Texas is burned annually — that's 2x more land than 40 years ago
20% Of global CO2 emissions are estimated to come from wildfires

Wildfires have become the most destructive symbol in climate change, we have to do something before it’s too late, there’s no more warnings

Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Greek Prime Minister

Sponsors & Partners

This work is made possible by our generous Sponsors who provide funding support for prize design, prize purse and operational funding. In addition, we develop strategic relationships with Partners who work hand in hand with XPRIZE, contributing their time, resources and expertise to advance the priorities of all stakeholders. For more information about sponsorship opportunities contact us.

Eleni Kounalakis
California Lieutenant Governor, Partner
Dr. Richard Merkin, MD
XPRIZE Wildfire Prize Design Sponsor
Michael Antonov
XPRIZE Wildfire Prize Operations and Purse Sponsor
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
XPRIZE Wildfire Prize Operations and Purse Sponsor

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