Competing Teams

Team Name     Country
6Minds     Australia     
PROTechThor     Cameroon     
Molecure     Canada     
MD Covid Care     Colombia     
Novus     India     
With All Passion     Indonesia     
Boundary     Italy     
Naija Force     Nigeria     
Res-Q     Russia     
Aspir8     United Kingdom     
Cyfive     United States     
JustAir     United States     
Lone Ranger     United States     
Luminosity Lab     United States     
MaskX     United States     
Merlin!     United States     
Organic Intelligence     United States     
Polair     United States     
R&N     United States     
Rolling Robots     United States     
TEAM idMASK     United States     
The Sages     United States     
Veil     United States     
Vitruvians     United States     
XGraphene     United States