Finals Testing Event


The $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZE was a four-year global competition focused on the development of a robotic Avatar System that will transport a human’s senses, actions, nd presence to a remote location in real-time, leading to a more connected world.

The live Finals testing event took place November 4-5, 2022, in Long Beach, California. Finalist teams from around the world pushed the limits of immersive telepresence technology, a combination of robotics, VR, haptics, and more to complete a series of complex tasks across a space-themed test course. The free event was open to the public and included a live-hosted broadcast giving spectators a blow-by-blow play of all the action. It also included an exhibition hall where they could see the team technology up close and visit other companies showcasing their robotic developments.

Teams were assessed on advanced mobility, haptics, manipulation, and interaction tasks across three different domains: Connectivity (human-to-human connection), Exploration (the new era of travel), and Skills Transfer (expertise with no boundaries).

Avatar Tech Expo Exhibitors

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