Finals Testing

The Finalist Teams competing in the ANA Avatar XPRIZE are pushing the limits of immersive telepresence by combining tech from robotics, VR, AI, haptics and more. Their aim is to create Robotic Avatar systems that enable anyone to be physically present in a remote location, and bring their skills and senses along with them. We aren’t talking video calls, we are transporting all of your senses so that you and anyone you interact with feel as if you are actually there!

At the Finals Testing event you can watch these 20 Teams deploy their avatars on the Finals Test Course. The Test Course will challenge teams to complete advanced mobility, haptics and manipulation, and interaction tasks across three different domains: Connectivity (human to human connection), Exploration (the new era of travel) and Skills Transfer (expertise with no boundaries).

Join us on November 4-5, 2022 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA to watch the teams compete LIVE and push the boundaries of telepresence technology for their chance to win $8M.

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