Frequent. Fast. Cheap. Easy.

$6 Million

Prize Purse

XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing is a $6 million dollar, 6-month competition to develop faster, cheaper, and easier to use COVID-19 testing methods at scale. No more guessing. No more lack of tests. The world needs more high-quality, affordable testing to safely re-open.


Testing for Impact

Access to COVID-19 testing is not equal, and it needs to be. Many communities across the world have limited to no access to regular testing. XPRIZE imagines a future where anyone, anywhere can receive a COVID-19 test and get results within hours. The goal of XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing is to develop innovative, scalable COVID-19 testing solutions that will radically change the world by providing much needed insights to help society safely reopen – and not in some distant future, but right now.

There is near infinite need and demand for COVID-19 tests, and we need screening testing capabilities 100-times greater than our current status to return our economy and society to normal function.

Jeff Huber

President & Co-Founder of OpenCovidScreen

The Challenge

In order to properly reopen schools, businesses, and other vital institutions around the world, the world needs COVID-19 testing options that are fast, affordable, and easy to implement. While current solutions are playing an important role in broader mitigation strategies, they are not designed for frequent usage. XPRIZE Rapid Covid Testing will organize the best entrepreneurial and scientific teams under one objective, ultimately resulting in getting the world up and running again.

To create a safe, science-driven COVID-19 re-opening strategy, the world needs fast and reliable testing.

Amir Banifatemi

Chief Innovation and Growth Officer at XPRIZE

How to Win

The winning teams will develop COVID-19 tests that are radically affordable compared to what’s currently available on the market. For about the price of a latte, the tests will be equal to (or better than) commercial offerings at measuring sensitivity, specificity, and limit of detection, with a maximum turnaround time of 12-hours from sample to result. The winning teams will also be able to successfully deploy and conduct a minimum of 500 tests per week at a live testing site within 60 days, and have the potential to scale their solutions to thousands of tests per week.

Contact us

We welcome partners throughout all phases of the competition, whether you want to help recruit teams, support team success, secure an XPRIZE speaker or expert for your event, help scale winning solutions, or assist with testing operations.

Prize Activity

Competition launch, team registration opens, guidelines posted - July 28th 2020. Registration deadline, qualifying submission and competitor agreement deadline - September 8th 2020. Finalist teams announced, up to 20 teams - December 22nd 2020. Finalist round, clinical validation - December 22nd to February 10th 2020. Finalist judging - February 11th to 19th 2021. Grand prize announcement - March 16th 2021. Scaling impact phase - February to March 2021.