Frequently Asked Questions

  • Registration officially opened on June 22, 2020.

  • October 29, 2020 18:59:59 UTC – Early Registration Closes
    To encourage a broad and diverse competitor pool and reduce barriers to participation, the Team Registration Fee has been waived for teams that register by the Early Registration Deadline.

    November 20, 2020 18:59:59 UTC – Regular Registration Closes
    The Team Registration Fee for Regular Registration is $250 USD.

  • 1. Create your free individual account profile on the XPRIZE Prize Operations Platform (POP). Complete your individual account profile.
    2. Create your team on POP.
    3. As a team, submit the Application, Competitor Agreement, and, if applicable, the Registration Fee. [available soon]

  • The XPRIZE Prize Operations Platform (POP) is the central portal for competing teams during the life cycle of the prize. POP is a virtual system that allows competing teams to interact with each other and with the XPRIZE Prize Operations team.

    POP is mostly used for finding team members, completing prize activities, and submitting documents for registration and testing.

  • This competition is structured into three rounds over 30 months. Following the field testing portions of the competition, additional time and resources will be committed to exponential scaling of XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling solutions.

  • Teams can be formed by anyone, anywhere. They are often startups, university groups, small to midsize companies, high school students, families, or even individuals. Teams can have any background, including but not limited to scientific and/or technical disciplines such as virtual reality and augmented reality for training and education, automated training platforms, continuing education delivered via mobile device, scalable personalized coaching, remote mentorship programs, data-driven skill measurement, behavioral psychology advances, neuroscience, and AI-enabled occupation identification and matching. We believe the best new ideas can come from anyone!

    Please note that while we welcome teams from all over the world, all testing will take place in the United States.

  • Follow the competition at

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    We welcome partners throughout all phases of the competition, whether you want to help recruit teams, support team success, secure an XPRIZE speaker or expert for your event, help scale winning solutions, or assist with testing operations. Contact [email protected] to learn more.

  • The Winning Team will:

    Rapidly train 350 people in 90 days or less
    Place the 350 trainees into jobs within 60 days and support them in retaining those jobs for at least 60 days
    Scale-up their solution to train and place 5,000 people into gainful employment within 10 months across three industries.

  • A $1.5M Grand Prize will be awarded to the most innovative and practical solution that offers an unprecedented pace of training, limits cost barriers on disinvested workers, and helps individuals in this current economic crisis and beyond. The Second and Third Place teams will share a prize purse of $500,000, allocated according to Judging Panel Discretion.

    Following the recruitment phase, XPRIZE judges will assess all entries to select up to 15 teams, with the group evenly splitting $1M for $100,000 each to conclude Round 1. The judging criteria include an evaluation of an entry’s vision, business plan, occupation landscape analysis, training method strategy, worker engagement and support plans, and more.

    A Round 2 Milestone will be awarded to the top five teams, with the group evenly splitting $1.5M.

    Total Prize Purse: $5 million
    Round 3 (Grand Prize): $1.5 million
    Round 3 (Runner Up Awards): $500,000 (split between 2 teams)
    Round 2 Semifinals Prize: $1.5 million (split between top 5 teams)
    Round 1 Milestone Prize: $1.5 million (split between top 15 teams)